Demystify What Schizophrenia Is

Get information on how it works and who it affects

Getting a schizophrenia diagnosis can feel intimidating and confusing. The good news is that Meridian Advanced Psychiatry is here to make sure you have all the information you need about this condition and how it works.

Those with schizophrenia are typically diagnosed anywhere between the late teen years and the early thirties. This condition is one of the top causes of disability worldwide and can lead to an increased risk of premature mortality.

If you've been diagnosed with schizophrenia, there are treatment options available to you. Reach out to one of our mental health clinics today by calling 208-515-2273.

Know how to recognize the signs of schizophrenia

There are some common signs associated with having schizophrenia. You should reach out to our mental health professionals if you've noticed...

  • Hallucinations or delusions
  • Thought disorder
  • Muted emotions
  • Low motivation
  • Difficulty in social relationships
  • Motor or cognitive impairment
We're here to help you understand what you're going through and get the care you need.

What can you do?

Start by booking your new patient visit with Meridian Advanced Psychiatry. We have several different treatment options available, including psychotherapy and prescription medication. Make your appointment today.