What You Need To Know About ADHD/ADD

Meridian Advanced Psychiatry, MAP, is the only provider in the Treasure Valley offering a complete diagnostic testing for ADHD.

We inform our evaluation and treatment recommendations through objective computerized testing and genetic panels. Our providers are the only ADHD-CCSP certified providers in Idaho.

This all leads to more accurate diagnoses, more customized treatment options, and better outcomes for you and your loved ones.

What is ADHD?

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), previously known as ADD, is a common issue affecting both children and adults. It often presents as a lack of ability to focus, being easily distracted, difficulty making and keeping friends, frequent fidgeting, difficulty following directions, struggling in school, and achieving less professionally.

If you or a loved one might have ADHD, or feel your treatment for ADHD has been less than ideal, please contact the experts at Meridian Advanced Psychiatry.

For more information about ADHD, visit Moretoadhd.com


Our computerized testing for ADHD is administered through QbTest. QbTest is an FDA cleared, CE marked, and widely used objective test that measures core ADHD symptoms - activity, inattention, and impulsivity. It can be used as an aid in diagnostic decisions and treatment monitoring of ADHD. Over 35 studies have demonstrated its ability to identify things that cannot be found with subjective interviews and reduce bias from the evaluation process. Moreover, our computerized ADHD testing program with QbTest provides objective data about our patients' symptoms and treatment progress!

How Does Computerized Testing For ADHD Work?

The QbTest for ADHD is an in-clinic assessment that is conducted with a qualified healthcare provider. You only take about 15-20 minutes to complete it. The results are delivered in a visual report and are compared to others in the same age range and gender without ADHD. In our clinic, a laptop takes the test using an infrared tracking camera, head sensor, and a responder button. The test does not involve language, reading, or math, so it's not intellectually difficult to complete.

What Are the Benefits Of Computerized Testing For ADHD?

Using objective, computerized testing for ADHD diagnosis and treatment monitoring leads to more accurate diagnostics, more customized treatment options, and better overall outcomes! Furthermore, this program offers a 50% better identification of treatment effects compared to self-reporting scales. Additionally, it provides patients with a clearer understanding of their activity levels, impulse control, and attention. This can result in better conversations with your healthcare provider.

What Can I Do?

The first step is calling and reserving your place in one of our clinics. Your first visit will be an initial evaluation with one of our psychiatric and ADHD-certified expert clinicians. They will review your concerns and any relevant medical and mental health history. After evaluation, if we have reasonable suspicion of ADHD, we will schedule you for our ADHD testing array. This looks at your ability to sustain attention, any hyperactivity, distinct brain activity unique to persons with ADHD. You will then return to the clinic to review the results of all this testing and determine treatment options. We can repeat some of this testing as needed to confirm the effectiveness of treatment.